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From a skeptic to a believer!
First of all I have to say that Erika is fantastic!  Having worked in a salon/spa for over 5 years I had never had a massage.  I was not very comfortable with the whole procedure. I came to Erika in extreme pain. I had been to urgent care and received medication for muscle spasms, tried heat, cold and everything in between. Nothing worked. I could not move, it hurt to breathe and I could barely walk.   Erika spent an hour and a half  working all the muscles through my shoulders and  back. I was amazed at the end of the session. I could once again breathe without pain, I could turn my head and I was able to stand up straight and had less problems walking.

I have been back to Erika several times since my first visit. She has instructed me on techniques to prevent these knots and spasms.  When life's stressors get to be too much and I need some help, Erika is the first person I call.  She does a fantastic job, which allows me to function and go on with my life. I am now a believer in massage!

Kathy M
Ankeny, IA


First of all Erika is one of the best humans that I have ever met.  Erika is caring, thoughtful, and insightful.  Knowing of a very hurtful situation I had gone through causing me to feel depressed and hopeless, Erika suggested that Reiki might be helpful to me.  She explained how Reiki could help rid negative feelings & help me regain confidence & calmness.  She was right.  I felt a release of negativity & renewed strength from within.  The heaviness in my heart was gone.  What felt strange to me was that I was feeling so aware of feeling happier as the day went on.  I highly recommend Erika & her gift of Reiki to anyone who wants a renewal of energy & wellness.  

Elaine S

Des Moines, IA

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